4 Effective Ways To Become More Disciplined


Have you ever struggled with discipline?

You start a new routine with so much energy.

Not only did you start with so much energy…

You were certain this routine will change your life.

This thought fills your heart with so much joy and excitement.

…but your excitement only lasted a few weeks.

The energy you had seem to drain off with every passing day.

What happened?

How can you prevent this from happening again?

This post focuses on how to  become more discipline.

1. Keep your eyes on the prize :

You started this routine for a reason.

Your reason maybe to lose 30 pounds and fit perfectly into your wedding dress.

Or  train regularly to run a marathon in a year

Whatever your goal is, connect with it.

Visualize the end result and keep it in-front of you daily.

See yourself fit into that lovely dress you desire.

Get a clear visual of your end result

See it daily.

Let it excite you…

…Motivate you

…and keep you energized.

Connecting with your  desired endpoint goes a long way to keep you motivated.

2. Make it a priority.

Start your day with the things on your priority list.

Before you get on social media or reply emails .

Make the routine that leads to your goal a priority.

Get the routine out the way early in your day.

3. Schedule block time

Map out a regular time for your routine.

Create a block of time to write every day.

Block out all distractions during this time frame and focus on the task on hand.

By doing this you can accomplish your goals easily and have something to celebrate.

4. Celebrate small wins

Keep yourself motivated by celebrating quick wins.

If your goal is to write a book,

Celebrate when you finish a chapter.

Give yourself  pat on the back and energize your self to do more.

You can be disciplined.


…anyone can develop discipline by taking practical steps to do so.

Author: SpurHer Editor

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